Vinyl wraps are not only a fantastic way to add some character to your personal truck, but are also an incredibly effective, affordable and useful marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

Our team can help you to create customized wraps and graphics for your truck that will grab the attention of any bystander! Our trained professionals here at Designs Unlimited have several years of experience designing and installing top-quality vinyl wraps to trucks of all shapes and sizes. We guarantee you’ll drive off in your “like-new” truck with a smile on your face!


  • Regular, Extended, or Quad Cab Truck Wraps

  • Food Truck Wraps

  • Box Truck and Moving Truck Wraps

  • Semi-truck Wraps

By adding wraps to your company trucks, your vehicle becomes a mobile billboard that advertises to potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can transform your entire fleet – no matter the size – into affordable and effective marketing machines!


  • Visually grabbing

  • Can reach up to 40,000 people a day

  • Protects factory paint, improving resale value

  • Incredibly affordable – costs only around 4 cents per thousand impressions

As an added benefit, a vinyl wrap will instantly make your car look like it rolled straight off of the showroom floor. No matter the previous condition of your car’s paint job, a wrap will instantly make it look brand new!

Vinyl wraps are also a great alternative to re-painting your car. Wraps are much more affordable, and less of a commitment than new paint jobs. Our professionals can have a new wrap installed in as soon as 2 days, which is much faster than painting would take! Regular paint job maintenance can become quite a daunting task – not to mention the hefty price tag that it brings along with it. Unlike paint, vinyl does not need wax, clear coat, or touch ups. Soap and water alone is all it takes to clean the wrap!

Wraps allow you to create a whole new look, through countless finishes, colors, and designs. Our wraps can be removed whenever you choose, which means you can change the style and color of your car anytime you want! Or, if you’re absolutely thrilled with your current wrap (which we promise you will be), it will last up to an average of 7 years.

From a business marketing standpoint, wraps have been proven to be a successful tactic for reaching potential customers. Reports show that 75% of people develop a favorable attitude for fleet graphics and vehicle wrap advertising, and 25% tend to buy from this impression. Reports of a 107% up-rise in sales have also been recorded. You’ve already made an investment with the purchase of your truck, so why not let that investment work for you by installing a new vinyl wrap?


Before we can apply the vinyl wrap, we will first, with precise detail, make sure that the truck is completely cleaned and free from dirt or dust. We will also use a clay bar to ensure that any tar or road grime has been removed from the surface. Any trim, bumpers, headlights, taillights, or door handles will be removed in order to clean around those, as well. Next, a solution will be applied to remove any wax or other contaminates from the vehicle’s surface. Once we have made certain the vehicle has been fully prepped, we can begin the application of the wrap.

Before installation begins, our professionals will carefully and meticulously measure your vehicle to ensure a seamless fit for your new wrap. The wrap itself is similar to a large-format sticker. Once we’ve made sure the layout and the measurements are perfect, we carefully lay the vinyl out onto the specified panel of the vehicle and, with just a few more tweaks, you’ll be back on in the road in no time at all!


We offer over 300 different colors and finishes! Just a few of the finishes you have to choose from include gloss, metallic, satin, matte, chrome, and brushed steel; with your color options being virtually endless


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