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PROCESS IDEAL FOR: Cotton material, small quantity full-color orders, infant onesies, photo prints.

TURNAROUND TIME: 10 Working Days, Rush Services Available.


Direct to garment printing
Sometimes referred to as DTG printing, is a form of printing designed for use on 100% cotton apparel. Direct to Garment printers use a method referred to as 4 color process, meaning the printer uses only 4 colors, cyan, magenta, yellow and black. With these 4 colors, a full color graphic can be produced. Designs Unlimited uses a Brothers brand DTG machine that is able to print white ink in addition to the afore mentioned ink colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black.

Some would ask, what is the importance of white ink?
DTG inks are virtually transparent and actually designed to be used only on white fabric. Companies that own Direct to Garment printers without white ink, often print on light-colored shirts, even though their printers were designed to be used only on white shirts. Printing a photograph on a light blue shirt without having the ability to use a white base coat will give your image a light blue cast. You must have a white base coat of ink if you don’t want the garment color to affect the color of the imprint. Subsequently, we can print on dark shirts, even black shirts.

DTG – Direct to Garment printing
DTG ink has a less opaque look than traditional screen-printing, therefore, customers notice the softer feel. If we Direct to Garment print on a dark garment and therefore, we print a base coat of white ink, your image will not be as opaque as if we screen-printed your image. You might ask when we recommend DTG printing? DTG printing is best for use when the shirt design is multi-color and in particular, when the design is a full-color image, such as a photograph. With DTG printing we can print a full color photograph on as few as ONE item. There is no minimum with DTG printing. Another benefit of DTG printing is that we can adjust the image size so that larger garments get larger logos and smaller garments get smaller logos. That’s not practical with screen-printing.
Our associates at DU-Graphics are knowledgeable about all the available printing methods and will assist you in selecting the option that is best for you.

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